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SIN 874-1 Consulting Services

MAS Consultants provides a variety of consulting services to both private industry and government clients. MAS Consultants recognizes that consulting services vary based on the needs of clients, organizational situations, availability of resources, etc. We pride ourselves on providing customized services based on these needs. Although we use a systematic approach to conducting our work, we know that every situation is different. We treat each and every activity as a project, regardless of its size. We work closely with our clients to help clearly define their needs, establish an approach and methodology that will meet those needs, work closely with them to implement the project, and provide clear and specific results in the form of deliverables.

Listed below is a description of some of the consulting services provided by MAS Consultants. However, we recognize that in many cases, these services are provided on an integrated, rather than a standalone basis, to meet the needs of clients.

Strategic and Business Planning

MAS Consultants works with clients to develop long-term strategic plans and specific business implementation plans. We work closely with clients to understand their goals needs in order to develop meaningful long term strategic plans. We develop business implementation plans to achieve the goals and objectives defined in the strategic plans. We work with personnel at all levels of the organization to ensure the implementability of the plans. These strategic and business plans form the ââ'¬Å"road mapââ'¬ to help our client ensure their success.

Program Assessments

MAS Consultants assists clients by assessing the effectiveness of programs, projects and processes. We work closely with clients to develop an assessment plan that clearly defines the process and criteria that will form the basis for the assessment. We typically conduct the assessment using a combination of interviews, document reviews and performance observations. We document the results of the assessment in a final report that identifies strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for improvement.

Process Improvement

MAS Consultants works with clients to help them make process improvements. These may be internal process improvements (i.e., the process occurs strictly within the clientsââ'¬â"¢ organization itself), or external process improvements (i.e., the process involves groups or personnel outside of the clientsââ'¬â"¢ organization). MAS Consultants works with the client to clearly identify any problem areas, assesses the existing process, makes recommendations to improve the process and assists the client with implementing the process improvement.

Organizational Assessments

MAS Consultants understands that in the ever-changing environment of business and government, long-standing organizational structures may not be effective or efficient in achieving organizational goals and objectives. We work with our clients to understand their organizational needs based on both the long-term strategic goals of the organization and the day-to-day operations. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of the organization - personnel, logistics and infrastructure. We provide our clients with specific recommendations and strategies for implementation to improve their organizational effectiveness.

Development of Performance Measures

MAS Consultants recognizes that it is important to track and measure the success of improvement initiatives. We work with our clients to help them identify specific and measurable performance indicators based on the desired results of a project or improvement effort. We establish a process to track and periodically report on the status of the performance indicators, to help our clients determine the effectiveness of performance improvement initiatives.