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SIN 874-2 Facilitation Services

MAS Consultants provides facilitation services for large diverse groups of stakeholders in the area of public involvement, for small to medium sized groups of people working to solve a specific problem or to develop a specific plan, and meeting facilitation services to improve the efficiency and productivity of meetings.

MAS Consultants understands that providing facilitation services can be a multifaceted operation. The goal of the facilitation service is always to work with the group, regardless of the size, in an attempt to achieve a final goal or objective. That may involve a variety of skills including the ability to design a process that will achieve the ultimate goal of the group, working with a diverse group of stakeholders, working with individual stakeholders prior to meetings, solving problems - sometimes on a realtime basis during a meeting, making presentations to the group, and documenting results.

When MAS Consultants works with public involvement groups, we are working with groups of very diverse stakeholders. We develop meeting agendas, help to identify meaningful areas of discussion, and coordinate presentations to the groups. MAS Consultants provides active facilitation of large and small public meetings to ensure meaningful participation in a non-confrontational manner. MAS Consultants drafts letters, reports and other documents to support actions of the committees and boards. MAS Consultants also acts as an intermediary between the public involvement groups and committees and the agencies that they are advising.

When MAS Consultants works with a task force or other related group to solve a specific problem or accomplish a specific activity, we are typically working with a group of individuals that have a common goal or focus. Although individuals participating in this process typically are working toward a common goal, they do not all have the same ides. We make presentations and provide background materials for the group. We design meeting agendas and processes with the overall intention of achieving the predefined goals and/or objectives. We work individually with team members and facilitate team meetings to gather information and encourage discussion and understanding by the members of the group. We develop supporting reports, presentations or other products to document the results of the effort.

When we facilitate meetings to improve productivity and efficiency, we work closely with the sponsor or chair of the meeting to establish and agenda that will encourage discussion and achieve the overall objectives of the meeting. We provide supporting materials and logistical support for the meeting as necessary, and develop minutes, reports or other products to document the results of the meeting.