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MAS Consultants provides program integration and project management services for a variety of clients in both the government and commercial sectors. MAS Consultants has provided these services at a variety of levels for clients. These services range from managing small projects for the development of training program materials for a client (where MAS Consultants does the work), to providing project or program management consulting services to assist clients in meeting major goals such as restarting a nuclear facility or reengineering a major government training program.

MAS Consultants understands the difference between managing a project and managing a program. Projects, no matter how big or small, have a clear beginning and a clear endpoint. There are always very specific and measurable elements required to complete a project. Programs, on the other hand, may be made-up of many projects and do not always have a clear beginning. In many cases, programs do not have a clear endpoint, and tend to be ongoing. However, that does not infer that programs do not require a significant level of management rigor and structure if they are to be successfully implemented.

Project Management

MAS Consultants provides project management services for clients to ensure that their projects are accomplished on time, on budget, and they achieve the desired results. This may involve performing the actual day-to-day duties of the project manager or working closely with clients to support them in managing their projects. We assist clients in the development of project plans, schedules and budgets to accomplish the project. We use a variety of project reporting tools to ensure that the project can be effectively managed, problems can be anticipated and dealt with, and the utilization of resources (people and dollars) is continuously tracked. MAS Consultants knows and understands that not every project needs the same level of project management detail to accomplish the project. We pride ourselves on tailoring the project tools (plans, schedules, reports, etc.) to what is necessary and sufficient to accomplish the project.

Program Management

MAS Consultants provides services to assist clients in the management of programs. This may involve actually managing the program for the client or working closely with the client to assist them in managing the program. These services include working with clients on initial program definition and development, developing budgets and schedules, assisting with the day-to-day operation of the program, establishing tracking parameters, reporting on program status, working with team members and developing program promotional materials.

Program Integration (team leader)

MAS Consultants works with clients to help them develop clear and measurable goals for their program, and to identify overlap areas with other initiatives and programs. MAS Consultants works with the various members of the program teams to facilitate ownership and involvement in the success of the program(s). We serve as a team leader to ensure that program goals and objectives are clearly defined and understood. This may involve developing presentations on program activities, chairing meetings of program team members, reporting on program status, and day-to-day management and operation of the programs.

Program Oversight

MAS Consultants understands that program oversight is different from program management. Program oversight does not typically involve the day-to-day management of the program. Program oversight involves the review and evaluation of the program on a periodic basis to endure that the program is operating effectively. This may involve monitoring the actual operation of the program, or evaluating to determine if the program is achieving its desired results, or a combination of both. MAS Consultants provides periodic reports to the client (oral and/or written) and makes recommendations for improvements as appropriate. MAS Consultants may assist the client in implementing program improvement initiatives.